Jumat, 09 November 2012

Hotel Reception Counters

The ambiance and environment of a hotel is glimpsed through the neatness and appropriateness of the hotel reception counters. There is more to designing it than merely adding furniture pieces that look good.
The texture, color and shape of the reception in your hotel must reflect a mood that is appropriate for its function. As soon as the guest enters a hotel, the first place they head to is the reception desk. A comfortable, stylish, functional and non-cluttered reception desk makes sure they don't turn around and head out instantly! Hotel areas should be designed keeping in mind the frequency of use and the reception is the most frequently used area no doubt. Other elements to keep in mind are factors like spillage in the area, amount of space required and the number of people who will man it.

The hotel reception area should be a large open area where visitors get their first exposure to the hotel's amenities. The cliched saying, "first impression is the last impression" really holds true here and most hotels spend a great deal of thought and funds into creating a beautiful reception area.
Fabrics used for furnishing the reception area must be looked at both from a wear and tear basis and the design point of view. The reception area is also used by guests for meetings visitors, hosting business meetings, afternoon teas could be taken here - this means upholstery could be prone to spillage. This makes it important to choose carefully yet tastefully when designing the area. A large, spacious and attractive reception desk looks neat and tidy. All the electrical paraphernalia required by the staff like computers and other machinery must have inlaid consoles to hide away all the untidy wiring. Any art work and colours used must be attractive yet functional so as not to override the purpose of the reception desk.
You could choose desks made from Hickory, Sawn Oak or Cherry wood tables - all of these have different grains and colors that can do wonders to the ambiance. Add a finishing coat for an even luster or a gleaming glass table top. These could be plain or with etched colorful art on the glass for that extra effect. Instead of paperwork on the table, add sliding drawers and filing cabinets that remain hidden under the top.